Privacy Policy

Your information is protected according to our privacy policy and terms of service. By activating a subscription, you understand and agree that:

1-Data Protection.

AVILASA SANCHO, SL has adopted the measures and security levels of protection of personal data required by the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data and its implementing regulations. The personal data collected through this website are subject to automated processing and are incorporated into a file owned by the company that owns the website, which is also responsible for the aforementioned file.

The completion of the form included in the site or the sending of emails or other communications to the owner of the website implies the express consent of the Applicant to the inclusion of their personal data in the aforementioned automated file.
The Applicant may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, to the following address: AVILASA SANCHO, SL C / MARBELLA, 46, 28034 MADRID, or by sending an email to info @ medical – cap. com (without spaces).

2. Obtaining data.

The collection of personal data is done only and exclusively through the form published in the corresponding section and the emails that customers can send to AVILASA SANCHO, SL when they request our services.

3. Professional secret

All private communications between AVILASA SANCHO, SL and customers / users will be considered confidential.

We recommend that the Applicant not provide any third party with their ID, password or reference numbers, if applicable, provided by AVILASA SANCHO, SL .

4. Assignment to third parties.

AVILASA SANCHO, SL does not sell, assign , rent or transmit in any way information or personal data of its Clients / Users to third parties.

5. Changes in the Security and Data Protection Policy.

AVILASA SANCHO, SL reserves the right to modify its security and data protection policy on a discretionary basis, at any time and without prior notice, always in accordance with current Spanish legislation on data protection.

6. Use of cookies.

Our website does not use cookies or other technical means that allow us to identify specific users or know their browsing data, without the user being aware.
However, there is the possibility that some of the links to external pages on our website, install a cookie on the home page or on the link itself. AVILASA SANCHO, SL is exempt from any liability arising from such facilities, as it does not intervene in any way in them, leaving the user qualified to exercise the rights granted by the data protection regulations to the company responsible for the installation of cookies.

You have more information on our Cookies Policy page.

7. Privacy Policy

AVILASA SANCHO, SL is a company that provides individuals, professionals and companies with products.

AVILASA SANCHO, SL is a company of Spanish nationality with CIF: B85897304, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid: Volume: 27.593 Folio: 9 Section: 8 Page: M-497240 Registration: 1

AVILASA SANCHO, SL processes personal information when you use our products and services:

  • Your personal information as a client, potential client or as an authorized representative of your company. We refer to this information as “Customer Account Data”, and

How AVILASA SANCHO, SL processes your Personal Information

AVILASA SANCHO, SL, collects and processes your personal information when:

  • Visit the web pages of AVILASA SANCHO, SL as and all those contained in this domain, when you make the purchase of a product or service, or enroll in any of our forms.
  • When you contact the Customer Service team of AVILASA SANCHO, SL, and
  • When you open an account at AVILASA SANCHO, SL to use our products and services.

We call this information “Customer Account Data”.

The laws and data protection rules of certain jurisdictions, such as the European Economic Area (EEA), differences between Controllers and Personal Information Processors. A Controller decides how and why personal information is processed.

In general terms, we use your Customer Account Data to execute our legitimate interest in:

  • Understand who our clients and potential clients are and their possible interest in our products and services,
  • Manage the relationship with our customers,
  • Fulfill our operational obligations, such as our accounting and tax obligations, and
  • Help us detect, prevent and investigate security incidents, fraud or abuse or misuse of our products and services.

What Customer Account Data process AVILASA SANCHO, SL when you visit our website, register in a form or request information about AVILASA SANCHO, SL, and for what purpose?

When you visit our website, register in a form or request information about AVILASA SANCHO, SL, we automatically collect information using tracking technologies, such as cookies, or forms where we ask for information expressly. We collect this information to provide you with the information you request, to learn more about the people who are interested in our products and services and to improve the browsing experience on our pages.

Information that you provide us directly : In some parts of the web pages of AVILASA SANCHO, SL, you can fill out forms to contact our sales or customer service team and to send you information or newsletters. The specific personal information will vary in each case according to the purpose of the form. We will ask you for the necessary information to provide what you ask for (for example, your email if you ask us to register to receive our information or your telephone if you want to receive the call from our Sales or Customer Service Team). We can ask for additional information to better understand you as a client, such as your objectives of using the services of AVILASA SANCHO, SL, the name of your company or your position in it, or your gender to send you information on related products. If you choose to register to receive marketing information from AVILASA SANCHO, SL, you may also cancel the subscription of subsequent communications through a page of preferences linked from any marketing email received from AVILASA SANCHO, SL Or you can contact our Department of Customer Service (Contact section) to request the cancellation of the subscription.

Information that we collect automatically : When you visit the web pages of AVILASA SANCHO, SL, including our web forms, we or our service providers acting on our behalf, we automatically collect certain information using tracking technologies, such as cookies, web links and similar technologies. . We use this information to understand how users of our website visit it, and to know which parts or contents of the web are the most popular. This helps us understand how we can improve our website and measure the effectiveness of our advertising. We also use tracking technologies to improve the browsing experience in the web pages of AVILASA SANCHO, SL For more details about our use of cookies, please access our Cookies Policy document.

What Customer Account Data is processed by AVILASA SANCHO, SL when it communicates with our Sales Team or our Customer Service Department, and why

You can share your personal information, such as contact information, with a member of our Sales or Customer Service Team (Contact section) when you communicate with them. We record that interaction.

If you contact our sales or customer service team, said teams register such communication, including contact information or other information that you can give them during the communication. We store this information to keep track of communications with you and to help train our team members. This information also helps our teams to manage the continuity of relationships with our customers. Because we maintain a record of these communications, we advise you to be cautious about the information you share with our Sales and Customer Service Team. Although we will take appropriate measures to protect any information you share with us, it is best to avoid any personal or sensitive information that is not necessary for our teams to respond to your requests.

We may use third-party products and services to process the information you share with our Sales or Customer Service Team, in which case we will have agreements with those suppliers that are legally required to do so.

What Customer Account Data is processed by AVILASA SANCHO, SL when it contracts or is identified in an AVILASA SANCHO, SL Account, and why

When you sign up for an AVILASA SANCHO, SL Account, we ask you for certain information such as your contact information and billing information to be able to communicate with you and so that you can pay us for the products and services you hire. We also collect information automatically, such as your IP address, when you identify yourself in your AVILASA SANCHO, SL account or when you use our services through the API. We use this information to understand who and how you are using our services and to detect, prevent and investigate fraud, abuse or security incidents.

Information You Share Directly : When you sign up for an account at AVILASA SANCHO, SL we will ask for your name, address, optionally the name of your company, tax information and a password. You can also set “aliases” for your account (or accounts, if you manage more than one). We collect this information to know who you are, to communicate with you about your account (s) and to recognize when you communicate with us through the portal or otherwise.

We also use your email address to send you information about our products and services or events that we think may be of interest to you. You may cancel the subscription of subsequent communications through a page of preferences linked from any marketing email received from AVILASA SANCHO, SL. Or you can contact our Customer Service Department (Contact section) to cancel the subscription.

For some products, we may also need your physical address, including proof of residency / use of that address or other identification. For example, to obtain a telephone number in some countries, local regulations require that we keep in our records the physical address in that country where you or the user has a physical presence. We may also need your physical address for the correct attribution of taxes. We may need to provide the address to telecommunications providers that provide telephone numbering and to judicial or governmental authorities requesting such information, or to courier providers to deliver the products.

Information that we generate or collect automatically . When you sign up for an account with AVILASA SANCHO, SL, we will automatically assign you a Customer ID. We keep a record of these credentials to ensure that you are the one making the requests.

Additionally, when you use the portal of your account, we collect your IP address and other information using tracking technologies, such as cookies, web links and similar technologies. We use this information to understand how our customers use our platform, who our clients are (if they are a company and their IP address is associated with the company), from which country they access (for statistics and export control) and to improve the experience of navigation. We also use the IP address to audit any changes in the account data. For more details about our use of cookies, please access our Cookies Policy document.

Take note that we also collect the IP address of your devices and servers from which requests are made using the API. When using the API we also collect the information used in that interaction.

All the information we collect when you sign up for an AVILASA SANCHO, SL account and when you interact with an AVILASA SANCHO, SL account or our products and services, can be used to detect, prevent or investigate incidents of security, fraud, or use abusive or misuse of the platform or services.

Other Customer Account Data we collect, and why

We may collect information about you, as our client, from publicly available sources in order to better understand the characteristics of our customer base.

We may use information publicly available about you on services such as LinkedIn or others, or we may obtain information about your company from external suppliers to better understand our customer base, such as your industry, the size of the company, the address of your website, etc. .

How Long We Store Customer Account Data

AVILASA SANCHO, SL will store your Customer Account Data as long as necessary to provide you with the services you have contracted and to operate your account. If you request AVILASA SANCHO, SL to delete your specific personal data from your Customer Account Data, we will respond to your request as long as it does not prevent us from complying with the operations you have contracted, such as billing, tax settlement, with the laws and regulations in force or with audits that may be necessary.

This is a summary of the times that we will keep the Client Account Data in a non-anonymized form, as long as there is no specific need or obligation that requires keeping the information for longer (as in the case of an investigation, audit or process). legal):

  • The Customer Account Data stored in our management systems is normally maintained for 10 years after the account is closed. Financial records or their digital equivalent could be maintained identifiable for a longer time if the accounting, fiscal or auditing regulations require it in accordance with the current Law.
  • Your communications with the Sales and Customer Service teams can be retained for 10 years after the closing of your account.

How to Control Options on Your Customer Account Data

You have at your disposal various options on your Customer Account Data through the portal of your account, how to access your data, correct them, delete them or modify your options of how it is used, after identifying yourself in the portal and accessing the options of marketing information. Any request about your Data that can not be executed in the portal can be sent by email or contact our Customer Service Center (Contact section).

Closing and Deleting your Account . You can request the closure and deletion of the account, by contacting us through email or in the Contact section, after proper authentication of your identity. We inform you that the closure and / or elimination of your account in AVILASA SANCHO, SL will result in the permanent loss of access to your account and account information. Please note that certain information about your account may be stored on our servers in anonymous form. Likewise, some data, including personal information, associated with your account may be retained if required by current laws and regulations until they are no longer necessary (see “How Long We Store Customer Account Data” above).

Promotional Communication You can choose not to receive promotional communications from AVILASA SANCHO, SL following the instructions to unsubscribe that is included in each communication. You can also do it in the portal of your account or by contacting our Customer Service Center.Please note that, even if you choose not to receive promotional communications, you may still receive non-promotional messages related to the contractual terms of your account, privacy notifications, security alerts and other communications related to changes in the conditions of use of our products and services.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies . The options you have about cookies and other tracking technologies depend on the type of cookie and tracking technology used. For more details about your cookie preferences and tracking technologies, access our Cookies Policy.

Other Options on your Customer Account Data . Additionally, you can express other options about your Customer Account Data (for example, access, elimination, restriction, transfer or withdraw consent for its use) by contacting AVILASA SANCHO, SL

If you are a final user of a product or service on the platform of AVILASA SANCHO, SL but you are not a direct client of AVILASA SANCHO, SL, you must send your requests about your personal data to the client of AVILASA SANCHO, SL that gave you access to the application and according to the privacy rules of said client.